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Tis the Season

It’s the beginning of the Christmas season.  I could find a couple of this week’s scavenger hunt items with a Christmas theme.  The items this week are numbers, purple, missing, bracelet and music.

Bracelet:  Okay, no way I could find Christmas for this one because I barely have jewelry.


Numbers:  Maybe I could have come up with a Christmas theme for this one, but I went for the easy one.


Missing:  I am missing the group for my group therapy.  I need my goat sisters. :-)

wine group therapy

Purple:  I have a Christmas sled that my family made.  I admit I don’t remember who cut the sleigh out, but my mom did the decoration, and I filled it with lovely decorations.  Purple was one of the colors I chose.

Christmas Sleigh

I decided to take that book ornament and try it on the tree.

book ornament and lights

Christmas Collage w

Music:  I have this adorable Christmas bugle that I decorated.

Christmas bugle

I decided to play with it because just the plain shot on the wall is pretty boring.

Christmas bugle

Christmas Bugle Collage

Tis the season for bokeh!

Christmas bugle bokeh

I love that Ashley hosts Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  I’m also linking to Mosaic Monday and Macro Monday.

Edit:  I almost forgot to tell you that my goat, Millie, is hosting a giveaway for two bars of our homemade goat’s milk soap. If you hurry HERE, you still have time to enter.

Three Weeks and Counting

It’s been three weeks since I sent my camera to be fixed, and I’m really starting to miss it. :-(  Ashley used my suggestions for Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week, so I really wanted to participate.  Here’s my best effort with my good old (can’t wait to give you another year off) camera.

Bubbles:  Really.  It’s November and we have sustained 30 mph winds.  Going outside to blow bubbles was not an option.  Then I figured why not a bit of shameless self-promotion.  I make soap (that makes really great Christmas gifts).  Soap makes bubbles.  Perfect!

Click the picture to visit the soap page of my on-line market

It is not so easy to blow soap bubbles and take the pictures yourself.  I tried.  Really I did.

Home or Thankful.  To me, home is where the animals are.  I am thankful for my furry family.


In the Kitchen.  I spent a lot of time in my kitchen the last few days.  There were some success and some flops.  I will share the peach pie with you.  Only the picture though because I really like peach pie.

Couple:  Flower and Bud are not your usual couple.  They are twins, and they are almost inseparable.  They would be lost without each other.

Bud (in back) and Flower

Trees.  I had to go to last week’s archives.  It’s just not been good weather (high winds) to go take pictures.  I have a lot of dead trees on my hill.  Someday, I want to start some new trees out there so animals will have a lovely shady pasture even after I’m gone.

I hope you had fun with my suggestions for the scavenger hunt.  I look forward to seeing your interpretations.

I’m also sharing with Mosaic Monday.

My First Buck

I bagged my first buck!

Of course, I only ever hunt with my Nikon, and I didn’t have my high-powered camera with me, but I got him!

Linking to Camera Critters.


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