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This or That Thursday

Blue Moon

I went out and took pictures of the blue moon last night.  Technically, it’s tonight, but it was close enough last night.


The windmill is up at the old homestead on my farm.

I had actually gone up to take pictures for Friday’s Fences when I noticed the moon.

I really need to get rid of those electric wires by the windmill.  Something about wanting to keep the cattle tank from freezing will probably prevent me from actually doing that, but it sounds good.

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In the Cornfield

Here’s the view of my windmill from behind the cornfield.

When you get down low and look at the space between the rows of corn, this is what you see.

Pretty wild looking!

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Behind the Scenes at RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI  (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) stayed in Marshalltown a week ago tonight. It was a dangerously hot day, and I don’t know how the bicyclists managed to ride in the heat.

I’m sure they were thankful to reach their destination for the night and find that the town had really prepared for them.  There was plenty of water.

Much of it was given to the riders for free.

There were tents where vendors sold all kinds of food, drinks and even a massage for sore muscles.

People were using all kinds of fun advertising.

I think the one of the most popular preparations might have been here.  The blue fences serve to make a line to the many toilets set up.

The city also had entertainment.  There were bands scheduled for all afternoon and evening.

Finally, with all those people you need to have someone cleaning up.  Marshalltown had the local Sea Cadets volunteering for that job.

They even had a plan in place to provide shelter when storms came through the city.

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